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Local Partners Sponsor Financial Literacy for CCS Students

Ernst and Young staff working with student

November 30, 2022 -- Volunteers from Ernst & Young (EY) bring concepts of financial literacy to life for students at Avalon Elementary School.

From building cities to role-playing key decision-makers of society (i.e., the Mayor), students learn about financial empowerment, career readiness, and business ownership.

Ernst and Young staff playing basketball with students“These activities help students realize that regardless of what job you do, you are going to be influenced by types of financial decisions,” said Matt Prescott, the Columbus Tax Leader for EY. 

Prescott, and with 43 volunteers from EY, teamed up with Stephanie Patton of Junior Achievement of Central Ohio to merge their expertise with the classroom environment.

Patton oversees volunteer engagement with the organization and provides training on the approved financial literacy curriculum before volunteers entering the school. 

“All of our programs are designed to teach students at their developmental and grade level,” said Patton. 

Prescott and Patton encourage parents to engage in conversations surrounding financial literacy with their students as early as kindergarten.

“It’s important that students start to learn about these topics now. [Students] graduate from high school, and no matter what they go on to do, whether it’s college or a trade, they’re tied into how the economic process works and how they can be a better part of society,” said Prescott. 

One place to start these conversations with your student is around the dinner table. Prescott recommends asking your student where they think money to purchase the food comes from to be a great conversation starter.

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