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Lisa Johnson Awarded Georgian Heights Heart of Gold Award

student posing on playground surrounded by students holding certificates

June 11, 2024 – With the end of the school year comes award season. Good attendance, high academic performance, and strong character are several of the accolades students receive as they prepare to leave for the summer. 

This year, an additional award was given at Georgian Heights Elementary School; however, it wasn’t one aimed towards students. Lisa Johnson teacher posing with students and flowers was given the Heart of Gold Award, a testament to her positive impact on the students and staff at Georgian Heights.

Johnson is the school’s PEAK Instructional Assistant, a role that allows her to build connections with each student and ensure they are constantly improving in their social and emotional growth. 

Smoot and her colleagues saw this dedication and wanted to acknowledge Johnson’s efforts. They created the Heart of Gold Award to show their appreciation for all Johnson does.

“Ms. Johnson pours her heart into every child when they walk through the door,” Georgian Heights Principal Nakita Smoot said. “This award was created just for her.”

Working with the students is one of Johnson’s passions. She strives to be someone students know they can rely on to give them whatever support they need. 

“Students come to my room for redirection, and some kids come in just to hang out,” Johnson said. “I’m glad that I can be that positivity for them when they may have chaos [in other parts of their lives.]”

Johnson was shocked when she was given the Heart of Gold Award during a school assembly. She said her work is its own reward, but it feels good to know that her efforts do not go unnoticed.  

“This makes my heart feel good,” she said. “I’m speechless and grateful. This award was totally unexpected, and I appreciate that the staff sees the work that I’m doing.”

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