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Liberty Limelight for January: Ms. Taylor & Mr. Thomas

Congratulations to Ms. Taylor & Mr. Thomas, Liberty’s Limelights for the month of January!

o Ms. Taylor’s has been teaching at Liberty for 8 years! What she enjoys most about teaching is, “building relationships with my students and being able to watch them grow academically as well as emotionally”. Ms. Taylor is a team player, steps up and helps out whenever she is needed, has embraced virtual learning, effectively communicates with all stakeholders and serves as the BLT team leader for her grade level. Ms. Taylor, THANK YOU for your dedication to the Liberty community.

o Mr. Thomas has been with Liberty for 6.5 years! When asked what he enjoys most about teaching, he says. “being a part of a child’s improvement & being surrounded by my like-minded co-workers (Mr. G & Ms. Stanley)”. Whether virtual or in person, Mr. Thomas goes above and beyond the call of duty to help out where he is needed. He has mastered de-escalating students in crisis. He is a consistent breath of fresh air for his team and the students her serve. Alongside of being a team player, he has embraced virtual learning by finding new ways to keep the students engaged and keeping a smile on his face while doing so. His positive attitude, positive mindset, and unpredictable personality are infectious. Mr. Thomas, THANK YOU for your dedication to the Liberty community.