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Important Safety and Security Message

This is an important message for our Columbus City Schools Community.

Safety is always our top priority throughout our Columbus City Schools. As part of our commitment to working together on safety, I want to reinforce the need for continued conversations on the importance of having a safe school environment to support the academic success of all students.

Today, a social media post suggesting violence at several CCS school locations was circulating on various social media platforms. Parents, students, and staff who saw the messaging voiced their concerns. Our school administrators notified the District’s Safety and Security personnel along with Columbus Police. Each concern was investigated. Nothing credible was substantiated.

The District takes threats of any kind very seriously. Making threatening calls, texts, or social media posts in an attempt to cause a disruption or panic is a federal and state offense, and it is a violation of Columbus City Schools Board of Education Policy. We want our young people to understand the seriousness of these types of safety concerns. Those who make such threats will face disciplinary actions and may face criminal charges, even if the threat they make isn’t real or was meant to be a joke.

We are not alone. Many districts across the state and nationwide have also been grappling with similar disruptions.

We want to remind our students, staff, and the community of the importance of, “See Something, Say Something.” Immediately report any concerns to an administrator, teacher, staff, or responsible adult. Anyone connected to Columbus City Schools can call or text our 24-hour anonymous Safer Together hotline at 844-SAFER-OH or call Columbus Police at 614-645-4545.

One of our District’s best safety resources is the high level of trust and cooperation that our safety teams, teachers, and school administrators have built with students and families within our schools and across our neighborhoods. We appreciate your continued support and partnership in helping to keep our school safe and encouraging a positive school climate that’s conducive to learning and growth for all.


Dr. Talisa Dixon
Superintendent/CEO Columbus City Schools