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Seniors Receive More than $100,000 in Scholarships from Columbus Rotary

Rotary Scholarships

May 9, 2022 -- Congratulations to 29 Columbus City Schools (CCS) seniors for receiving $110,000 in scholarships from the Columbus Rotary for service to their communities. Those students and Rotarians were recognized at the 17th Annual Student Service Above Self Celebration Fair at The Ohio State University. 

“It’s so wonderful to be in person and celebrating with you,” said Columbus Board of Education President Jennifer Adair. “All of you in this room have a heart of gold and get why it’s so important to help others. We just have to work together to convince those who don’t get it.” 

The Celebration Fair recognized graduating seniors by spotlighting their commitment to excellence, outstanding service to their communities, and personal motivation to succeed. 

“Students, you know community service is a mark of distinction and one that separates you from the competition,” said Dr. Angela Chapman, Chief Transformation and Leadership Officer, Columbus City Schools. 

Lillian Keener, a Whetstone senior, received the top scholarship, a $25,000 award from the Rotary. Lillian’s mom was also at the Celebration Fair to cheer on her daughter and the other seniors. 

“I am so appreciative of this scholarship and the impact it will have on my college debt,” said Lillian Keener. “I have to pay for my college. I’m attending Ohio University this fall to study environmental science and sustainability.” 

“My daughter works so hard, and this proves her hard work is literally paying off,” said a chuckling Rose Keener, Lilliam’s mom. 

This year, the Columbus Rotary introduced a new annual program of Career Path Awards to assist graduating seniors who are not college-bound but pursuing skilled careers. In addition to a $2.5000 award for such items as tools, uniforms, and equipment, each student received access to a career mentor facilitated by the Columbus Rotary. 

“I’m thrilled the Rotary is recognizing our students pursuing a technical trade, and I hope it continues for many years because this is an incredible pathway for many of the students in the district,” said Carol Beckerle, Board of Education Member. 

Before the awards luncheon, 16 high schools in the district showcased their year-long community service projects from the 2021-2022 school year. Some projects included collecting shoes for disadvantaged people, community clean-up days, and book drives. 

Rotary Scholarships

Here is a list of all the students and the Rotarian who provided the scholarship:

2022 Service Above Self High School Scholarships

Lillian Keener - Whetstone - $25,000 - J.Robinson McCormick Family Scholarship
Mikale Milner - Northland - $10,000 - Rotary Scholarship Education Fund
Dado Bah - Walnut Ridge - $2,500 - J. Robinson McCormick Family Scholarship
London Brooks Briggs - $2,500 - G.Robert Bowers Family Scholarship
Darrion Collins-Suber - Eastmoor - $2,500 - J.Robinson McCormick Family Scholarship
Ciera Carpenter - Fort Hayes - $2,500 - J.Robinson McCormick Family Scholarship
Emerson Lepicki - CAHS - $2,500 - Judy Ann McGlaughlin Scholarship
Kybaree Terry - Mifflin - $2,500 - Rotary Scholarship Education Fund

2022 Career Path Awards

Heaven Cung - HVAC/Electrical - $2,500 - American Electric Power
Titus Harper - HVAC/Electrical - $2,500 - American Electric Power
Anoulak Blanchet - Film/TV Production - $2,500 - CAPA
Asa Simpson-Cole - Music Performance - $2,500 - CAPA
Mabda Mohammedin - Medical Assisting - $2,500 - Columbus Rotary Foundation
Myah Rice - Teaching Academy - $2,500 - Columbus Rotary Foundaton
Michael Crumbley - IT-Interactive Media - $2,500 - Easy IT
Caleb Gyimah - IT-Programming - $2,500 - Easy IT
Kybaree Terry - IT-Programming - $2,500 - Easy IT
Zaire Dawson - Manufacturing - $2,500 - G&J Pepsi
Bre’onna Canty - STNA Nursing - $2,500 - Home Care Assistance
Siang Rem - STNA Nursing - $2,500 - Home Care Assistance
George Anderson - Construction - $2,500 - Miles-McClellan Construction
DeAngalo Mitchell - Construction - $2,500 - Miles-McClellan Construction
Kayla Davis - Auto Technology - $2,500 - Ricart Automotive
Kristopher Hayner - Auto Technology - $2,500 - Ricart Automotive
Ancel Suazo - Auto Technology - $2,500 - Ricart Automotive
Abdirahman Moualem - Carpentry - $2,500 - Rosati Windows
Jaron Wheat - Carpentry - $2,500 - Rosati Windows 
Rajiv Bhatt - Welding - $2,500 - Worthington Industries
Logan Camper - Welding - $2,500 - Worthington Industries

Congratulations to all the Columbus City Schools seniors and Columbus Rotary for supporting CCS students.