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Fort Hayes Graphic Design and Printing Program Shines with 36 Student Print Excellence Awards

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February 16, 2024 – The expertise of Fort Hayes Career Center's students was on full display as they proudly earned 36 prestigious 2024 Print Excellence Awards from the esteemed Graphic Media Alliance (GMA). 

“I am overwhelmed with pride in my students,” said Fort Hayes Career Center Graphic Design and Printing Instructor Zachary Traxler. “Every student from my program that participated earned an award! I have never seen or heard of that before. I am truly honored to be their instructor.”

In the Graphic Design & Printing program, Traxler strives to train each student to become a certified Adobe Professional. Students can earn separate certifications in Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign. 

In tandem with Adobe certifications, students train in various types of current printing applications. These include direct-to-garment, large format, screen printing, and other traditional printing methods. 

As a printing industry expert (formerly of Traxler Printing and Bruzer USA), Traxler encourages students to acquire Adobe certification and printing skills because he understands the importance of practical application. By including these certifications into the curriculum, students can be ready for a career right after graduating high school.

Traxler also recognizes the significance of networking and connecting students with external professionals. His affiliation with Graphic Media Alliance allows him to do just that.

GMA hosts events with the top regional printing companies that bring their C-level executives and business leaders and centers its events around work-based learning for career center students. 

One of its events is The Print Excellence Awards competition, held yearly to recognize Ohio, Michigan, and northern Kentucky printers who demonstrate printing excellence. 

GMA stated that the level of competition was very competitive, and several categories required judges to search for minor imperfections to determine a winner. A record-shattering 540 exceptional entries were submitted, requiring two full days of meticulous review.

“I am amazed every day by my students,” Traxler said. “They have committed to my program and do not disappoint. Each cohort is unique and truly gifted. I am looking forward to seeing where they go after they graduate from CCS and look forward to being a part of their journey to professionals in the industry.”

GMA announced that students of Fort Hayes not only met but surpassed its high standards, emerging as winners in their respective categories. Of the 36 submissions submitted by Fort Hayes students, all 36 won an award.

Students of Fort Hayes won the following awards:

  • 15 Gold Awards

  • 19 Silver Awards

  • 2 Bronze Awards

The following Gold Award winners will have their submissions entered in the Grand Ceremony:

  • Ant Laws (senior)

  • Antwyon Simmons (junior)

  • Aydon Lake (senior)

  • David Dunor (senior)

  • Isaac Lin (senior)

  • Jayhaun Sutton (senior)

  • Julz Lane (senior)

  • Karla Rendon-Sanchez - 2 Gold Awards (senior)

  • Katelyn Chapman (junior)

  • Mario "JR" Dole (junior)

  • Maxdiel Najar Ayala (senior)

  • Miranda Hernandez (senior)

  • Myasia Jefferson (junior)

  • Stephan Jones (senior)

All Gold award winners in the regional competition are entered in an association-wide competition for Best of Category and Best of Show prizes that will be awarded in August at the 2024 Grand Ceremony sponsored by Millcraft. Congratulations to all award winners and their instructors!

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