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PNC Bank Surprises Linden Park Pre-K Teachers With School Supplies

PNC Bank representatives with Linden Park Pre-K teachers and students Dec. 16, 2019 -- Bringing classroom dreams to life, that’s the goal of PNC Bank. On Friday, PNC representative surprised the teachers at Linden Park Early Childhood Education Center by delivering gift wrapped school supplies to each classroom. Teachers were asked to choose three things they needed most for their classrooms and the PNC elves helped to fulfill those wishes. 

There were just as many surprised exclamations of “Wow, Thanks, and I really needed this” from the Pre-K teachers as from the young students who eagerly unwrapped the gifts as they were handed over. Wish-list items ranged from a standing easel, to paper, art supplies, and a classroom favorite – brightly colored Play-Doh modeling compound.

“PNC Bank is a great educational partner with Linden Park Early Childhood Center,” said Program Director Rhonda Childs.” “They support our pre-school learning experience through their “Grow Up Great initiative in many ways, from volunteering in the classroom to providing resources that support and enhance early childhood education.”

For more details about the PNC Grow Up Great initiative, download the Grow Up Great Fact Sheet.