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Parents Financial Guide from the Office of the Treasurer

Parents Financial Guide

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September 1, 2022


Dear Families of Columbus City School Students:

Columbus City Schools values honesty and integrity. We have a commitment to cultivate high ethical standards and promote conduct that strengthens public trust and confidence in the integrity of our work.

Technology has enabled us to provide a greater level of service and convenience to our families while also limiting risks associated with cash handling in our District. We want to ensure that you are aware of some important dos and don’ts when submitting payments.


    • Pay Student Fees through Infinite Campus.
    • Be prepared to use Local Level for events [including, but not limited to, athletic events, plays, fundraisers, etc.]. Local Level is our online event ticketing service.
    • Request a receipt if paying by cash.


    • Don’t make checks payable to staff.
    • Don’t send payments through Pay Apps [such as Venmo, Zelle, Paypal, etc.].
    • Don’t send payments using cryptocurrency [such as Bitcoin, Tether, etc.].

If any CCS staff member asks you to write them a personal check or send payments via a pay app / cryptocurrency, please contact your school principal, or call the Treasurer’s Office at (614) 365-6400.

If you suspect fraud waste or abuse, please call a toll-free Hotline by dialing (833) 320-0099, where a trained, independent professional answer calls 24-hours a day, seven days a week. Callers are guaranteed confidentiality and can choose to remain anonymous.

Again, our goal is to provide enhanced service to our families while mitigating the risks associated with cash handling in the buildings.


Stanley J. Bahorek, Treasurer/CFO