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Mas Global HQ Donates Uniforms to Northland Boys Soccer Team

Northland Boys Soccer Team

August 5, 2022 -- Coach Mahamoud Samantar’s Northland Boys Soccer Team competes for championships. Mas Global HQ promotes global empathy. This season, the two bring culture and community together as one with donated “World Cup” inspired uniforms.

Co-founded by Arsenio Gonzalez and CCS Leadership Intern Nathan Thornhill, the Columbus-based clothing brand is on a mission to build a community around Coach Samantars’ program with local resources to increase the opportunity presented to the New American student-athletes.

Coach smiles holding new jerseys

“We have 34 student-athletes on the team,” Coach Samantar continues, “Some of the kids don’t even speak English, but the kids love the opportunity and the game [of soccer]. This team is their family.”

Mas Global HQ’s high-quality jerseys represent Northland High School and an original futbol patch for the players as well. The insignia patch on their jerseys displays the countries of Africa, Asia, and the United States, where many of the team members originally descended.

The jerseys also incorporate the number “71” to represent highway 71, the connection bringing together the Northland community and the rest of Ohio. “The level of excitement that we saw from each of the kids when they saw the jersey for the first time… they were holding themselves high,” Arsenio added.

New team jersey

Mas Global HQ’s mission doesn’t stop here. In addition to donating “World Cup” inspired uniforms for the Varsity team, the clothing brand seeks to garner community support by selling “Support the Land” fan jerseys for supporters to wear to games this upcoming season. “It’s this idea that it takes a village,” Gonzalez said when sharing their goal of donating 25% of all proceeds to the Northland Boys Soccer program.

Presale of the “Support the Land” fan jerseys and Global Futbol League pins end August 15, 2022, and can be ordered at

This upcoming season the team faces cross-town rivals Beechcroft High School in what they identify as their toughest in-season competition while keeping their eyes on achieving a third City League Championship title.

The Vikings take on Bexley for their home opener on August 16, 2022, at 7:15 p.m.