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Columbus City Schools Statement from Board of Education President

a graphic that reads from the desk of the Board president

Dear CCS Community,

As I explained in my statement on May 21, 2024, Board Member Simmons was the sole author of the document, “Taking Control of the Task Force Narrative.” No other Board Member contributed to or participated in the drafting of the document. The Superintendent and her staff did not contribute or participate in the drafting of the document. 

While Board Member Simmons has said that there were other stakeholders and contributors, he has refused to say who they are. We have no evidence that there were others. I am personally disappointed in Mr. Simmons’ creation of the document and how he has handled this situation. The Board and district administration value our relationship with our labor partners and respect their advocacy on behalf of their members.

Tonight, I am removing Brandon Simmons from all committee assignments. That means that he is no longer chair the Community Engagement & Advocacy Committee and will no longer have a seat on the Equitable & Transparent Resource Management Committee.

The Board of Education is committed to making all communications regarding the Task Force between Board of Education members and Board employees available in response to public records requests that have been made. Unfortunately, Board Member Simmons has not been cooperative. As a result, the District does not have all records that would be responsive and so the Board has adopted a motion tonight that our legal counsel be directed to file a legal action against Board Member Simmons in order to compel his production of public records in his possession if he has not produced the public records requested by the close of business on Thursday, May 30.

To be clear, the work of the Task Force is directed by the Superintendent at the request of the Board of Education. Board members do not direct the Task Force, nor do they provide counsel or set procedures for the Task Force. The important work of the Task Force will continue under the Superintendent’s direction. 

I want to be very clear that regardless of what has transpired in the past couple of weeks, this Board remains committed to the 46,000 students of this District and this community.

Our students who are graduating this week, this should have been about them, we should not be here tonight talking about this.

To our students and our families on behalf of this Board we apologize because this is not about us, it is about you.

President Christina Vera
Columbus Board of Education

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