Our story is unique: Columbus International High School offers a traditional high school experience enhanced with six world languages and global perspectives. As one of five Columbus City lottery schools, International meets the needs of all students in our district who seek meaningful academic, athletic, extra-curricular, and cultural experiences. 

    We offer authentic and engaging classes that connect content to real-life situations. Our students have a voice in school culture, and lead activities from Homecoming, to Student Council, and beyond. Teachers, counselors, administrators, and all support staff set high expectations for our students, while empowering them to prepare for whatever their future may hold. 

    A member of the International Studies Schools Network, CIHS strives to be a  leader in education across Ohio, the United States, and the world. Founded in 2010 by district staff, teachers, administrators, parents and community members, who worked together to plan a vision for a high school that would exemplify the highest standards for an international education, CIHS meets and exceeds the expectations necessary for students to be meaningful members of a 21st century, global community. 

    We invite you to join our thriving Lion community, and ROAR with us! All are truly welcome. 


    Douglas S. Lowery, PhD




    Douglas Lowery, Principal

    Douglas Lowery, Principal