Dr. Donis Toler Jr./Principal
  • Warm Welcome Back to IHS

     I hope this letter finds you enjoying your summer vacation. I am delighted to extend my warmest welcome to you as we commence another exciting academic year at Independence HS. We hope you had a restful and enjoyable summer break and are now ready to embark on a year filled with new opportunities and achievements.

    Independence HS holds a special place in our hearts, and it is with great anticipation and enthusiasm that we anticipate the return of our dedicated faculty, passionate staff, and, most importantly, our talented and vibrant students. 

    As we resume classes, I encourage all members of the Independence community to embrace the spirit of collaboration, respect, and resilience. Together, we can overcome any obstacles that come our way and achieve remarkable accomplishments. Our dedicated faculty members are fully prepared to provide engaging and innovative instruction, while our staff is committed to supporting the diverse needs of our students.

    I want to introduce everyone to new faces that will be a part of the Sixers Family. Jonathan Brown will be teaching in the MH room. Trent Smith will be an IA in the MH room as well as continuing to coach our baseball team. Dr. Ammar Al-Sharafi will be part of our administration team as a leadership intern. Wendy Snyder will be our school nurse. Darrell Hardnet will be our new Technology guru. Emelie Heltsley Bensing will be our new counselor. Please stop by and welcome them to our family.

    Lastly, I express my sincere gratitude to all the faculty and staff who have worked tirelessly to ensure the success of Independence HS. Your unwavering commitment and dedication have been instrumental in shaping the lives of our students, and we are immensely grateful for your continued dedication and commitment.

    Once again, welcome back to the 23-24 school year! I eagerly look forward to witnessing the accomplishments and growth of our exceptional students in the coming year. Should you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions, please do not hesitate to contact me or any administrative team member.

    We wish you a productive and fulfilling academic year.

    Dr. Donis Toler Jr