• Dear Visitors,

    Welcome to Ohio Avenue Elementary School's website! My name is Kyle Miller and I am the principal of Ohio Avenue Elementary School. I have been a teacher in Columbus City Schools for 20 years and am excited to be back on the east side. My family’s first home in Columbus was on Champion Avenue. It is the street where my son was born and where my best friends lived. I could see this beautiful school building every morning from my front window. I feel like I am back home!

    I am energized to begin this year as we work together to provide all our students with a quality education that makes their futures bright. As you know, in order for children to achieve their dreams later in life, they must work hard now and learn the academic and social skills necessary to take them wherever they wish to go. Ohio Avenue Elementary is a “Health Sciences Academy”, like the other east side schools that feed into Champion Middle School and East High School. Our teachers are excited to put our students in their new white lab coats. We will nurture them as they learn to think like scientists who are working to change the globe.

    We believe in a strong partnership between home and school, and our goal is two-way communication. This means that our staff doesn’t only want to send notes home, but we also need to hear back from our families. Parents are their child’s first teacher and we need our community on our team.

    Each day during our morning routine, the whole school will recite a few lines from the 2003 song “I Can” by Nas. Those lyrics, though sixteen years old, are still inspiring today:

         “I know I can (I know I can),

             Be what I wanna be (Be what I wanna be),

                  If I work hard at it (If I work hard at it),

                     I’ll be where I wanna be (I’ll be where I wanna be)."

     The song ends with the phrase, “Read more, learn more, change the globe.” This is exactly what our goal is for your children this year: 

    1. learn to read at the highest of levels
    2. read everything we can so that we learn everything we can
    3. learn to think, collaborate, problem-solve, create, support, and communicate
    4. use the skills we learn to change the globe

    If we promote our students from Ohio Avenue with these skills at the end of fifth grade, then we have met our goal! Every day, we remind our students how powerful they are, that they can read more, learn more, change the globe.


    Kyle L. Miller