• Good Evening Warrior Family!

    Well we are in our last week of the first semester. Parents please encourage your students to stay focused and to make sure that they are getting all of their assignments turned in on time.

    In observance of the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday we will not have school on Monday, January 17th. Tuesday, January 18th is a Professional Day and January 19th is Records Day. Students will not be in attendance for either day.

    The PSAT that our freshmen were scheduled to take this week has been postponed until the week of February 28th.

    Parents and students this is just a reminder that students are expected to wear their mask while in the building. The only time students may have their mask off is while eating. Also, parents please be mindful of the type of masks that you are purchasing for your student. I am sure that you can understand that having students walk around with ski masks on or ones that only allow you to see their eyes pose a security concern. They will be asked to remove those and given an appropriate mask to wear.

    Students please remember that it is expected that you are in dress code everyday. Hoodies and jeans are not allowed to be worn in the building. Parents disciplining your student because of repeated dress code infractions is something that we do not want to do but repeated violations of any school rule will warrant disciplinary action. We are halfway through the school year and this should not be something that we still have to address on a daily basis.

    Well those are all of the announcements for now, thank you and have a GREAT evening!