Special Education

  • The Columbus City Schools Office of Special Education is dedicated to providing academic and behavioral support to students with disabilities to enable them to achieve academic excellence, acquire independent life skills, and be prepared for work or post-secondary education as they transition to adult life. 

    Gables offers special education in high incidence (K-4) and Emotional disturbance (K-5).

    The Parent Mentors Office provides the following services for you and your family: Special Education / Parent Mentor Program (ccsoh.us)

    • Describe special education programs (preschool, school age and transition into adult life) offered by Columbus City Schools.
    • Explain the Individual Education Program (IEP) process and the parents role in the development of the IEP, as well as attending meetings with parents until they are familiar with the process.
    • Organize and conduct workshops, and support groups for parents and professionals.


    Special Education Information

    Jessica Ortiz: Google Classroom code: toj2ndu

    Paul Smith: Google Classroom code: i7maad3

    Allison Randolph: https://allisonrandolph9.wixsite.com/mysite

    Ms. Randolph