Welcome to Gables!

  • We know this year has been unlike any other​, with families juggling many complex decisions through uncertain conditions. We recognize and appreciate families’ flexibility and resilience.  
    Gables Elementary will continue to build strong relationships with parents, students, and community partners in this trying time.

    Our principal, Jill Lausch is always open to talk and welcomes family input.  

    Gables will provide a consistent curriculum to increase all students' achievement by focusing on data to drive instruction.  We will continue academic experiences for our students that are rigorous, relevant, and help them build relationships while making real-world connections.  

    It is important that everyone who is part of the Gables (teachers, students, and parents) are excited to be here!  This attitude enables us to meet the challenges of academic excellence in a positive, fun, and nurturing environment.  

    We look forward to working with families as a team to help each student at Gables Elementary meet our students’ goals and have a successful school year!