• Middle School sports (7th & 8th grade only) are a wonderful way to meet friends, learn to be an integral part of a team, improve self discipline, build grit and positively represent both school and community. Indianola scholar athletes are expected to carry themselves with integrity and exhibit leadership skills both in the classroom and on the court or field. 

    Indianola students are able to participate in co-ed soccer and volleyball (fall), basketball (winter) and track (spring).  Schedules will be posted as they become available.  Eligible students must carry at least a 2.0 GPA and pass 5 of their courses based on grades earned the previous quarter. All students must have a current OHSAA Physical Form completed by a physician or a physician's designeed on file at the school.  Please visit link to the right of the screen to download a copy of the OHSAA Physical Form.


    Fall Sports:

    Co-Ed Soccer:  Coach Ryan Wallace (614.365.5579, rwallace@columbus.k12.oh.us)

    Girls' Volleyball: Coach April Repka (614.365.5579, arepka8512@columbus.k12.oh.us)

                            Asst. Coach Quincy Repka (614.365.5579, qrepka@columbus.k12.oh.us)


     2019 Soccer Schedule Schedule   (click to open)

    2019 Volleyball Schedule   (click to open)


    Winter Sports:

    Girls' Basketball:  Coach Eden Hagen (614.597.9181, ekisa99@gmail.com)  SCHEDULE (click on link>>): 2019-20 Girl's Basketball Schedule  

    Boys' Basketball:  Coach Anthony Robinson (614.571.6825, arobinson62@att.net ) SCHEDULE (click on link>>): 2019-20 Boy's Basketball Schedule