Online Shout-Outs!

  • Congrats

    Congratulations to the following Medina Middle School Students:

    6th Grade:  Jeremiah Pruitt
    7th Grade:  Nazlha Pruitt
    8th Grade:  Miles Rook

    *Theses students were entered in a drawing to recieve a free large pizza.  Students were entered by their teacher for completing the most work during our Online Distance Learning. 


    Weekly Student Shout-Outs: 
    Mrs. Marlowe-
    Emily Stewart (8th grade) and Dwight Alston (8th grade)
    Ms. Raccio's Shout-Outs for their continued hard work during distance learning.
    Michiya D. 
    Mikarra S.
    Brandon S.
    Mrs. Hollon-
    D. Mackey  Great effort with distance learning.
    E. Stewart Excellent communication during distance learning
    Parent of the Week 
    Williams, Latoya parent of D. Mackey thank you for all your support during distance learning
    Mrs. Simmons-
    Jaxon Fletcher ~ Jaxon has done an amazing job of working on Study Island assignments in Science for me!  I am super proud of him!  😊🙌👏
    My 8th grade parent of the week is:   Mrs. Fletcher (Jaxon's mother)  ~ Mrs. Fletcher has done a fabulous job working with Jaxon to be successful.  Congrats and thank you!!  😊🙌👏
    Mr. Reid-
    Miles Rooks and Namita Biswa. 
    Mr. Schoch-
    Emee Nyasuku
    Dinesh Sarki
    Mr. Workman:
    Destiny Smith - Destiny is my only student who has completed EVERY assignment since we have been using distance learning and earned a gift card to Wendy's for her outstanding accomplishment.  In addition she has the highest grades of any of my students in Both ELA and Social Studies.  Yahoo!!!
    Avalon Sharpe - Avalon has worked extremely hard since we have been using distance learning and turning in her assignments early.  She is breathing down Destiny's neck for the top spots in ELA and Social Studies.  Go get her!



    7th grade Students of the Week- 5/4-5/8 

    Mrs. Thorne:

    Alexiya N.

    Alexiya has done a great job completing her math work.  I am very proud of her and can’t wait to see her work next week. Keep working hard Alexiya!!!!!


    Mrs. Crews:

    Kevin H.

    Kevin has been doing an awesome job keeping up with all of his science work. He is completing all of his assignments and going above and beyond expectations for distance learning. Keep up the great work!

    Ms. Newman:

    Tehya H.

    Tehya has done a great job completing her work.  If she has any problems or concerns, she does not hesitate to reach out.  In addition, Tehya finds time to volunteer in her community.  Keep being the awesome person you are!


    Mr. Hardesty:

    Xander K.

    Xander has done a great job of doing his work in science in this challenging setting.  Distance learning has not stopped him from maintaining his grades and he continues to persevere despite the unusual circumstances.  Keep up the great work!! 

    Mr. Joseph:


    Alexis has been online every day, working hard. She is engaged in distance learning and it shows in how communicative she is with her teachers. She has even helped clarify things for her classmates. Keep up the great work!




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