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Briggs Family Ambassadors Connect Families and Bring Expertise to their Alma Mater

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February 07, 2024 -- Habibo Abdiaziz and Sheila Warbington play important roles at Briggs High School. As family ambassadors, the two of them work to ensure all families are aware of opportunities available to students, both academic and extra-curricular.

Along with working at the school, both Abdiaziz and Warbington are Briggs alumni. As Bruins, they have the insight needed to keep families informed. They were once Briggs students themselves, and they know that the best way to keep families in the know is to build a personal relationship with them. 

“Parents talk to me all the time,” Abdiaziz said. “They love and appreciate the fact that I am there with whatever they need.”

Warbington said that often, there will be resources that students aren’t aware of or don’t share with their parents. Through the connections the ambassadors have built, parents have come to trust Abdiaziz and Warbington to keep them up-to-date with these resources.

An example of this is the Briggs APEX tutorials. APEX is an online learning platform allowing students to take additional classes outside the typical classroom curriculum. By doing APEX, they get ahead or obtain credentials for classes they still need to pass. Through APEX, students can stay on track for graduation or even prepare to graduate early. 

Though students are informed about APEX, the information doesn’t always reach their families without the assistance of Abdiaziz and Warbington. 

“A lot of information is shared with the students, but the parents aren’t always receiving that information,” Warbington said. “I think by us sharing information with the parents, it’s like we’ve become a team.”

With this knowledge, parents can encourage their students to take advantage of all the opportunities Briggs offers, and it has a LOT of opportunities! As alumni, both Abdiaziz and Warbington want to show people how incredible the school is, and they love that their role allows them to highlight the excellent opportunities at Briggs. 

“Since [we’ve been] here, the parents feel more connected with the school,” Abdiaziz said. “I love to show people all of the amazing things that are happening at Briggs."

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