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Teacher Feature: Fort Hayes Construction Instructor Adam Viney

Fort Hayes Student November 25, 2020 -- On a chilly November morning, Columbus City Schools students are learning how to lay bricks. Brick-by-brick, these career tech students are creating the foundation of what may be a feature in construction work. 

For instructor Adam Viney, he says it's the life lessons his students learn in his class that will prepare them for the real world.

“The life skills they sometimes get later is very important,” said Viney. “To give them skills, life skills are so important.”

Viney has been a career tech instructor in Columbus City Schools for 27 years, starting in 1994. Spending 16 years teaching at the Southeast Career Center, four years at Walnut Ridge High School, and now seven years at Fort Hayes Career Center

“I’ve always had a proclivity towards construction,” Viney says. ‘I just always loved building. I learned construction, I started officially in 1974 with my father. He was a self-employed contractor."

A graduate of the former Southeast Career Center, Viney, a U.S. Navy veteran, says the reason why he wanted to become a teacher is because he wanted to have an impact on the younger generation. 

“What is important to me is that these young people, because I have young ladies and men, that they are able to take skills that they got from me. And they are able to apply it and get good work. It’s important that we make good citizens and good students for this country too."