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Fort Hayes Career Center Gets Blended Learning Boost From Technology

March 17, 2021 -- Teachers at Fort Hayes Career Center have found a more efficient way to teach students during Blended Learning.

At the end of 2020, several teachers across the district received iPads with an adjustable stand to assist with daily instruction. This tool has become handy for those teachers that use a majority of hands-on demonstrations to teach students.

“Before the iPad came into play, I was using my laptop with the camera on it,” said Ceron Williamson, Construction Electricity Instructor at Fort Hayes Career Center.

“This is more of a teaching aid that can help things be a little bit easier,” said Williamson.

Several doors down is automotive technology instructor Terry Smeck’s class. 

Like Williamson, he uses his iPad to demonstrate projects to students in the classroom and while they are learning from home.

“It has been a game changer, because we are a hands-on-program," said Smeck. “We want to get the students to touch the vehicles. Since we weren’t able to do that, with the iPad, I was able to bring it right into their home.”

When students are learning from home on their"‘click days," students tune in via Zoom to see what their peers are working on in the lab. 

“It just saves time for everybody. It gives me more time to work around the class and help other students out,” Smeck says. “It has been a benefit to our program. It has made me a better teacher, it’s more technology, and it helps the students out.”