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CCS Celebrates the Achievement of Its National Board Certified Teachers

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February 02, 2024 -- Marking a significant milestone in their educational careers, Rashaun James, a building leadership coach at Mifflin Middle School, and Suzanne Rauch-Wittman, a gifted instructional specialist at Columbus Alternative High School, have earned their National Board Certification.

With this accomplishment, Columbus City Schools (CCS) has 40 National Board Certified Teachers. As James and Rauch-Wittman look to the future, they hope to inspire others in the District to get their National Board Certification.

"I would love to help other teachers and be an inspiration to achieve National Board Certification," James said. "It only improves you, builds confidence, and helps you see things differently."

The National Board for Professional Teaching Standards, a highly esteemed organization, bestows certification upon educators who demonstrate outstanding teaching practices, possess profound content knowledge, and exhibit a steadfast commitment to continuous professional development. Achieving certification is a demanding endeavor, encompassing meticulous portfolio submissions and rigorous assessments of content knowledge.

Certified teachers bring diverse backgrounds, covering various subjects and showcasing the District's commitment to excellence in all areas. Their success hopes to inspire fellow educators to aim for national certification, while continuing to work with support staff and administrators in elevating teaching methods and benefiting student success.

"I need to be my best self to teach and develop teachers," James said. "Teaching is my calling. I always want to continue growing. During this process, I wanted to be my best for my staff and my students."

To further support educators on this certification journey, CCS has implemented monthly meetings to assist staff by pairing experienced NBCTs with those seeking certification and hosting workshops to guide educators through the certification process or lessons they struggle with.

"I really appreciate the District for the support I received through the process," Rauch-Wittman said. "The monthly meetings were very supportive, especially the National Board Certified Teachers in the District that would conduct lessons on topics we would cover that month."

As the Columbus City Schools celebrates this achievement, the focus is now on our culture of ongoing professional development and encouraging more educators to pursue their National Board Certification.

Welcoming new National Board Certification holders like James and Rauch-Wittman fuels optimism that CCS will continue expanding our number of National Board Certified Teachers within the District. With each certification we amplify our impact on our students.

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