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Secondary Students Can Improve Final Quarter Grades Through New Progress Plans

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Dec. 3, 2020 -- Columbus City Schools has established an opportunity for any secondary student (grades 6-12) to improve their final quarter grades.

Any student wanting to improve their final quarter grade in any of the first three grading periods shall have the opportunity to improve that grade by completing a Student Progress Plan with their course teacher. 

The specific requirements of a Student Progress Plan will be determined by the student’s teacher in consultation with the student and their parent/guardian. The Plan will identify the student’s steps to improve their grade and those additional supports the student needs to be successful. The student must complete assignments/tasks in the Student Progress Plan within three weeks of establishing the Plan.

For each grading period, up to two days will be converted to asynchronous learning days for students at the discretion of each school. Teachers will use these asynchronous days to connect with students to develop a Student Progress Plan.

“We must be as flexible and as supportive as possible and take into account the social-emotional needs of our students,” said Superintendent/CEO Dr. Talisa Dixon. “Our students are dealing with trauma like most have never seen before, losing out on opportunities, activities, and connections with their peers. It is critical that we as educators adapt and give them the grace and the flexibility necessary to be successful in our current environment.”

Graduation Requirements

This week, the Board of Education approved a resolution to waive the long-standing requirement in Columbus City Schools that high school students complete at least one credit of internship and one credit of technology in order to graduate. 

“During one of my recent Virtual Family Engagement “Super” Sessions through the Department of Engagement, I heard directly from members of our Class of 2021 and their families who raised questions about the requirements during this pandemic,” said Dr. Dixon. “We certainly do not take lightly the waiving of graduation requirements, but it is a necessary step to help our senior students during this pandemic.”

The updated requirements apply to students graduating at the end of the 2020-2021 school year. The District’s internship credit and technology credit requirements remain for the graduating class of 2022 and beyond.