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Superintendent's Message | January 26, 2024

Superintendent Message


Dear CCS Community,

I am thrilled to spotlight the exceptional students of Columbus City Schools who recently showcased their remarkable talents during the 39th Annual Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Birthday Breakfast on January 15.

Introducing and witnessing the impactful orations of three outstanding students—Adonia Balqis from Whetstone High School, Kavion Hill from Columbus Gifted Academy, and Patience Ogundare from Northland High School—left me profoundly proud.

Every year, CCS carefully selects student speakers for this event, and this year's theme, "The Moral Compass of Dr. King's Dream Continues to Point Toward Justice, Unity, Peace, and Love," resonates deeply. Through their powerful voices and actions, these students embody the essence of Dr. King's influence, actively contributing to shaping a better world for us all.

Adonia, Kavion, and Patience electrified the room with speeches that reflected Dr. King's vision and commanded attention with awe-inspiring confidence and power.

In their orations, these students artfully illustrated the significance of global empathy and engagement with diverse cultures and ideas. The attributes of our Portrait of a Graduate came to life as they actively contributed to creating a more just, united, peaceful, and loving society—mirroring the impactful legacy of Dr. King.

Their messages convey a profound responsibility for each generation to uphold the values championed by Dr. King.

I encourage you to watch their orations and listen intently to their words. Adonia, Kavion, and Patience's eloquence and passion serve as a testament to the enduring impact of Dr. King's teachings on our CCS community. I am genuinely proud of our students who continue to uphold the values championed by Dr. King and carry his torch forward.

Adonia Balqis: A sophomore at Whetstone High School and the 2023 Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Youth Oratorical Contest winner. Adonia's dedication to justice and unity shines through her accomplishments, reflecting the core values of Dr. King's teachings.

Kavion Hill: An eighth-grade student at Columbus Gifted Academy, Kavion placed first in the Junior Division of the regional Martin Luther King Jr. Youth Oratorical Contest. He is set to compete at the state level this coming April, showcasing his commitment to Dr. King's dream at a young age.

Patience Ogundare: A senior at Northland High School, Patience not only serves as the high school speaker but is a full-time College Credit Plus student at The Ohio State University. Her involvement in the Superintendent Student Ambassador program reflects her dedication to positively impacting her community.


Dr Angela Chapman written in cursive

Dr. Angela Chapman
Superintendent/CEO, Columbus City Schools