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Statement from CCS Superintendent Dr. Talisa Dixon Regarding Actions at the U.S. Capitol

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What we saw happen at the U.S. Capitol today is more serious and graver than words can describe. These actions are shocking, disgraceful, and unacceptable to say the least. This is not the America I know.

As upsetting as they may be, though, these actions have also been unavoidable for our young students to witness. How we respond now as educators and as trusted adults in the lives of our 50,000 students matters greatly. We owe it to our children to be role models no matter where our personal views land on the political spectrum. Even as we each may be struggling or be shaken to the core by the images we see on television, we must be a source of strength for our students. We must be there to lead by example, stand up for what is right and what is just, and support our young people through these troubling times. 

What we have endured over the past year is unimaginable, and today is no different. There is a critical need in our society for empathy, civil discourse, togetherness, and hope. All of us are struggling right now, especially our children who need that hope for a better tomorrow. As we have done before, we must once again rise up and come together to support each other and the students we serve. 

At the end of these dark days is certainly light. We will persist as a community determined to not let the troubles of our present outshine the brightness of our future. In Columbus City Schools, we will persevere, and in the end, we will come out stronger together.

Resources for families to help talk with their children about today’s events: