• Test Registration 

    Register at actstudent.org

    Here's what you'll need to register for the test:

    • About 45 minutes
    • A credit card or fee waiver
    • Your high school course list and grades
    • Your interests (the interest survey will match you to academic programs and jobs you might enjoy)
    • Up to four (4) colleges and universities to send your score reports for free
    • Your photo to upload
    • Your school code 361-503

    Accommodations & English Learner Supports

    During the registration process, you can indicate a need for accommodations and/or English learner supports.  For a step-by-step guide on requesting accomodations, go to act.org/accomms.

    Some general reminders....

    • You should register using your legal name.
    • Only create one account, and use the same account throughout your high school career.
    • Create a username and password that you can remember, and keep them in a safe place.
    • To ensure that you will get your preferred date and testing location, register early!  
    • On test day, don't forget to take your registration ticket, photo i.d., #2 pencils and a calculator.