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    My name is Rochelle Kirby RN, MSN, LSN and I serve as the licensed school nurse for the students and staff here at Beechcroft High School.

    As a positive change agent, I use evidence-based nursing practices to give the best care possible to our population. The school nurse works diligently to keep student and staff in school healthy and ready to teach and learn.




    Whole School, Whole Community, Whole Child: Implications for 21st Century School Nurses

    *The school nurse provides emergency care assessments and interventions, management of acute and chronic health conditions, referral and support to access primary care, preventive services, communicable disease control measures, counseling for health promotion, and identification and management of health-related barriers to student learning.

    *The school nurse provides education to small groups and individuals on topics such as asthma and diabetes to promote healthy life choices, increase compliance with prescribed regimens and improve student attendance and academic outcomes.

    *The school nurse works collaboratively with the school health services team to provide health information and health promotion activities, may monitor chronic conditions, provide health resources, and referrals.

    *The school nurse collaborates with school counseling, psychology and social work staff to identify student psychosocial problems and provide input and supportive interventions.

    *The school nurse promotes the integration of nutritious, affordable, and appealing meals, nutrition education, and an environment that promotes healthy eating behaviors for all students.

    *The school nurse collaborates with physical educators to meet physical education goals, provides information to students about physical activity

    *The school nurse promotes a safe physical and psychological school environment that is supportive of learning by monitoring, reporting and intervening to correct hazards

    *The school nurse promotes a positive social and emotional school climate that is safe, healthy, and supportive of learning

    *The school nurse promotes family and school partnerships

    *The school nurse takes a leadership role in collaborating with community partners to identify and provide programs to meet the physical and mental health needs of children and families.

    Adopted from: NASN, National Association of School Nurses