• Immunizations

    Vaccines are still very important. Thanks to better nutrition, less crowded living conditions, antibiotics, and, most importantly, vaccines, many diseases do not occur or spread as much as they used to, but the bacteria and viruses that are responsible for these diseases remain in our environment. Immunizations are still needed to protect children from these diseases.

    Immunizations have reduced most of these diseases to very low levels in the United States. However, some of these diseases are still common in other parts of the world.  Travelers can bring these diseases into this country. Without immunizations, these infections could quickly spread here. Immunizations also help people who cannot be vaccinated or who do not respond to vaccines if those around them are vaccinated.

    Source:  www.healthychildren.org




    Meningitis can come on quickly and without warning, with symptoms similar to the flu.  Teens and young adults are at greater risk of contracting this disease.  The disease is a serious illness that can cause blindness, loss of limbs or even death.  For more information, please call the Columbus Health Department at 614-645-7945 or contact our school nurse, Nurse Kirby.


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