• Vision 

    Each student will perform at or above grade level by June 2024.


    Woodward Park strives to build constructive learning

    environments inside and outside the classroom where each

    student has opportunities to achieve academically.

    Core Values

    Prompt, Prepared, Productive, Polite


    Educate, Elevate & Motivate Every Child, Every Day


    Holding ALL STUDENTS accountable for these expectations 


    Cell Phones/Earbuds

    • Bag or pouch -- kept put away  
    • AirPods/Earbuds need to be put away and not in their ears


    • Hoodie worn down on back or tucked in
    • Non-religious headgear not to be worn (hats/ shower cap, etc)

    Hall Passes - 2 Hall Passes per day from Student Planner

    • Students need to have their planner for the RR pass
    • Names should be written in the planner in permanent marker.
    • Teachers have their own planner for student use. This has consequences of not being prepared.
      • Making up for lost instructional time, PBiS points could be deducted
    • No hall pass list or escort list due to students using a pass every period or extended periods of time
    • Replacement planners are $5 or, if financially unable, then they could make up with community service for a week of some sort.
  • Each month, we focus on one of our Core Values along with one of the five SEL Pillars.

    September - Prompt - Responsible Decision Making

    • Prompt to school, prompt with assignments, prompt to class (making the decision to…) 

    October - Prepared - Self Management

    • Having your supplies - organizational skills, chromebook charged, planner, assignments completed, etc…

    November - Productive - Self Awareness

    • Goal setting, task completion/progress, time management,

    • “Am I where I’m supposed to be?” 

    December - Polite - Social Awareness

    January - Prompt- Responsible Decision Making

    February - Prepared- Self Awareness

    March - Productive - Self Management

    April - Polite- Relationship Skills

    May - Prompt, Prepared, Productive, Polite - (ALL)