What is PBIS?
    Indian Springs Elementary has always strived to create a safe and positive learning environment for all students. In an effort to reinforce our positive school climate, staff at Indian Springs have worked together to develop a PBIS Plan. PBIS stands for Positive Behavior Interventions and Support. The philosophy of this program is that by rewarding students for positive behavior through tickets, positive praise, and rewards, students will begin to build intrinsic motivation to behave in a positive way which will help create a positive learning environment in all areas of the school. Through the PBIS program, Indian Springs has developed a common language for behavior expectations in each area of the school- playground, lunchroom, restrooms, hallway, etc. We are excited to explain some of the other programming that has been created to reinforce PBIS programming throughout our building! 

    The I.S.E. Way
    Each student at Indian Springs Elementary is familiar with the phrase, “The I.S.E. Way”. This stands for I- Intelligent, S- Safe, E- Empathetic. Our student broadcasters remind students of the expectations every day during morning announcements- “We are I.S.E. We are Intelligent. We are Safe. We are Empathetic”. In addition, these expectations are evidenced by posters that have been placed throughout the building in specific areas. All of our PBIS programming ties back to these three behavioral expectations. 

    Expectation Station Day
    Students rotate throughout the building with their classroom teacher and visit the common areas- lunchroom, playground, restroom, hallway, etc. During this time staff teach the student population how to display intelligence, safety and empathy (the I.S.E. Way) in the various areas. This is a fun way for students to learn about behavioral expectations across all educational contexts. This rotation schedule happens at the beginning of the year so students learn what is expected. 

    Good Citizens
    Each month Indian Spring Elementary focuses on a character trait (Responsibility, Empathy, Respect, etc.) This character trait is described every day during morning announcements and posters are displayed throughout the building. At the end of the month each classroom teacher will choose a student who displayed the month’s character trait. This student then has a special lunch (school or packed) with School Counselor Ashley Kay and their fellow Good Citizens, during which, he or she receives an award certificate, a prize, and watches a movie. Also, students will be featured on the Good Citizens Bulletin Board, in the Falcon Focus email newsletter, and on ISE TV (this is a PowerPoint that is only broadcast at Indian Springs ES on the CC television in the hall by the office). 

    Falcon Feather Program
    We have a newer incentive program that employs the theme of our mascot- the Falcon. Students are able to receive a Falcon Feather if they are caught showing “The I.S.E Way”. Students can receive a Falcon Feather from any staff member when they display one of three behavioral expectations- Intelligence, Safety or Empathy. Students are then able to enter their feather into a drawing for one of the numbered prizes in the display case by the office. There are six numbered prizes and six numbered buckets so students are able to decide which drawing they want to enter into (ex: If a student likes prize #1 he or she will put his or her feather in bucket number #1; if a student likes prize #5 he or she will put his or her feather in bucket #5 and so on). There will be six winners a week so remind your students to show the I.S.E. Way! Prize donations are welcomed!

    Indian Springs’ Bulletin Board Channel (I.S.E. TV)
    Do you want to see the latest PBIS news? Check out Indian Springs’ Bulletin Board Channel that is broadcast on the television by the office. Here you can see information regarding upcoming events, current Good Citizens, Student Council Members, Staff Trivia, and other fun things that are happening at Indian Springs Elementary!

    PBIS Committee Members
    Ashley Kay - Chairperson 
    Patrick Fath
    Molly Hoffman
    Renee Mild
    Sara Orlos
    Nathan Prunty
    Brittany Pulver
    Kim Styers
    Heather Uncapher
    (If you have any questions about PBIS programming, please feel free to reach out to the PBIS committee members!)

    ISE Character Traits for the 2019-2020 School Year
    September: Friendship
    October: Empathy
    November: Gratitude
    December/January: Caring
    February: Respect
    March: Integrity
    April: Perseverance
    May: Responsibility