• English as a Second Language (ESL)

    ESL is a multi-faceted program offering English language classes and content-area assistance to limited English proficient (LEP) students enrolled in the Columbus City Schools.

    The goal of the ESL Program is for students to acquire a level of English language proficiency that enables them to meet grade level promotion requirements, state-mandated graduation requirements, and, ultimately, to compete successfully in mainstream society.The Columbus City Schools ESL program provides the following for its staff and students:   

    • Tutorial assistance in content area subjects
    • An environment that fosters pride in native culture, establishes positive self-esteem, and facilitates acculturation into American society
    • Bilingual personnel who act as a liaison between the home, school, and community
    • Assistance to ESL and regular classroom teachers in best practices for working with students from diverse language and cultural backgrounds 

    Beechcroft High School is a sheltered ESL site.  Students may participate in Sheltered Content classes for English, Math, Science, or Social Studies. These classes, while targeting the same academic content standards as regular content area classes, are taught at a level appropriate for LEP students by highly qualified teachers in both ESL and the content area.


    Please contact our ESL department liason for more information:

    Ms. Christine Foster