• Indian Springs Elementary School

    Kindergarten Supply List:




    1. 1 LABELED Full Sized Backpack with Laptop Protector Pocket
    2. 1 Pair LABELED Quality Headphones with Microphone (PLEASE ONLY purchase “pod” type headphones IF your child is used to wearing them!)
      *These headphones will be used at school for the duration of the school year on a regular basis. They will be stored in plastic zipper bags in the classroom.
    3. 1 LABELED School Supply Box
    4. 1 pair LABELED 5”/12cm Scissors with safety-edge blade (choose the appropriate pair for your child’s dominant hand)
    5. 1 Box 24 ct. CRAYOLA Crayons 
    6. 2 LARGE 1.4 oz Glue Sticks
    7. 1 Box Tissues
    8. 1 Container Surface Cleaning (Clorox) Wipes
    9. 1 Container Skin (Baby) Wipes
    10. 1 Box Quart Size Zipper (Ziploc) Bags
    11. 1 Box Gallon Size Zipper (Ziploc) Bags
    12. 1 labeled Coloring/Activity Book for indoor recess
    13. 1 package Pencil Top Erasers
    14. 1 LABELED Reusable (secured) Water Bottle (to be filled and transported to school each day)
    15. 1 LABELED Extra set of clothing placed in a ziploc bag. (Please be sure to include underwear and socks!) 


    Thank you for helping to ensure a successful start to the school year!

    The I.S.E. Kindergarten Team,

    Mr. Flood

    Ms. Sarisky

    Mrs. Leonard