• Other Family Resources

    Along with resources provided directly by the school, other state and local organizations provide resources useful to our students and families. Here, we have compiled a short list of resource links fo you to use.

  • Family Support Resources

    State Support Team #11 has compiled The Family Resource Directory, which is intended to provide families in the Central Ohio area contact information for many, but not all, of the districts and agencies that provide resource and supports for families.

  • Summer Resource Directory

    State Support Team 11 has put out a directory of summer programming for students with specific needs. These needs include gifted programming, kidney disease, epilepsy, children at risk, or physical, mental, emotional, cognitive, and learning disabilities


  • Tutoring Resources

    A list of agencies, organizations, and individuals are independent contractors not under the auspices of the Columbus City School District, that are listed in the Hands-On Central Ohio Directory as tutoring resources in Franklin County.

  • 2019-2020 Literacy Night Packet

    During our 2019-2020 school year Literacy Night, parents were able to come in before or after their parent/teacher conference to pick up a letter and make a take home reading comprehension activity. Since not all parents were able to make it out to the event, we have posted a copy that you can print for yourself.

  • Food Bank Resources

    This is a list of food banks and their requirements. it was put together for spring break, but will also be useful for other referencing.