• E- Assignments 



    Go to Google Classroom, Select join and enter this code: btcfint


    NEWS From Mrs. KUHL: AIMS Online School Counseling Resources Class Code   kk77iys

    Boddecker & Bain :   https://www.n2y.com/

    6th Grade

     BELL  I will be using google classroom to post assignments for my students/families.  

    English - class code: r5smwlg

    Social Studies - class code: dxe24ya

    TREGO: https://sites.google.com/columbus.k12.oh.us/rolling-panthers/home

    Davonport : Updated 3/26

    1. Check Infinite Campus email daily for instructions.

    2. Daily Math assignments are on google classroom.

        Class code: emopar2.



    Heitmeyer  Heitmeyer PDF

    Huey Log onto Flocabulary and Acheive 3000 using your existing accounts

    McKee; Link to Work / 

    Downstairs Students and Parents/Guardians:

    *All assignments go LIVE on Sunday, April 5th and are due Sunday, April 12th.  All assignments will now be from Sunday to Sunday.

    **In order to access I-Ready, your student will go to Clever using their normal Google login information and then click on the I-Ready (cube shape) for math and click on the Study Island (palm trees) for my social studies students.


    Math Assignments 4/5-4/12

    * I-Ready:  Prime Numbers Lesson
    ** I-Ready:  Order Positive and Negative Numbers


    Social Studies Assignment 4/5-4/12

    *Edmentum Study Island:  Market Forces Lesson


    P.S.  Don't forget that we will have our next Zoom Classroom next Wednesday, April 8th.  Take care.



    I have posted a PDF with 3 weeks of suggested activities for all subject areas in a new Google Classroom.  I sent it to the entire inclusion class, even the Gen Ed kids.  I told their parents this would keep them busy because as we all know, a busy 6th grader is better than a bored one 😉

    The code is fwt6hup.

    Wood ELearning PDF

    Week of April 6



    7th Grade

    Devoe E-work PDF   DeVoe's students go to Google Classroom for assignments

    M Clark - Please go the M Clarks Google classroom. Access Code:  mqw6ivr

    S. Clark  Clark's Work Calendar

    4/6/ 2020 

    Work for Week of April 6- 9,2020

    Good Afternoon Parents and Students,

    I hope this email finds everyone safe and healthy. I know this is a trying time for

    all of us, but we will get through this by working together. I am only assigning one

    Achieve Article: Get Some Sleep for this week.


    I need all of you to checkInfinite Campus and complete all of your missing assignments. There will be a Zoom Meeting Wednesday April 8,2020 1:00 pm until 2:00 pm.
    I would like to see all of you!


    Zoom Info:
    Meeting ID number: 301-506-6880
    Password: 057677


    Shanna Clark





    Good afternoon everyone,

    I hope everyone is doing great and is healthy. I am sending the work for this

    week a little early to give everyone time to prepare. I know these time are trying
    for us all but we must make the best of what we can. I am including the link below
    to my homework app to give everyone the plans for this coming week. I redirected
    last weeks vocabulary chapter 21 to those who didn't complete it as well as extended

    Khan Academy until 4/3/2020. This week we will be trying a new platform for ELA called
    I-Ready. It can be reached through Clever just as we connect to Achieve 3000.​
    ​Thank you for your support,

    Mrs. Clark




    Check Google Classroom and ALEKS for all Math and Science assignments. 

    Mastro 7 / Week March 30-April 6 / PARENT LETTER

    Email: kmastroianni7556@columbus.k12.oh.us


    Check Google Classroom Daily, contact Mr. Kagey @ tkagey@columbus.k12.oh.us


    Dear Students & Parents/Guardians, 

     Below is my link for my google sites page for my class. Please check in weekly to see updates for assignments. I will be grading all that I assign, and will be sure to put in grades in a timely matter. Thank you for your time, and be safe. To the kids, I miss you!


    Mr. Waddell 




    8th Grade 


    Check google classroom. I have been communicating through infinite campus messenger and google classroom. Parents and students can email me.


    Social Studies 




    • Math: Monday March 23/ New Spiral Review..New ones will drop every Friday
    • Social Studies; Continue Khan Academy Units 

    James E-Learning Week#1

    Trautmann- ELA/ Social Studies

     PART 1 March 13-April 1e-Assignments 

    (Achieve 3000/ No Red Ink/Map Skills/ Common LIt)

     PART 2 April 20- May 20 e-Assignments

     (i-Ready and Study Island)

    Google Chat Every day from 2-3pm 

    Zoom Conferences Friday 130-230pm


    Wozniak's Assignments 

     4/6 Assignments

    4.20 Assignments



    Clemente Check google classroom daily for assignments using the codes below.

    • 8th Grade Arts and Communication Primer: rwaid5b

    • 7th Grade Media Arts: n3e2trv


    Now on Google Classroom 

        Class name:  COVID19   Code: tisv4yq

    Drama ework PDFe Learning March 30

    Flood -

    Check google classroom daily for Spanish Class. I have been posting assignments, activities and making announcements there, as well as answering questions from students. 

    Stay Safe!


    • 7th Grade Period 1: 7i2ydet
    • 7th Grade Period 6: 4vmj6bg
    • 6th Grade Period 7 Quarter 3: 3aneva5
    • 6th Grade Period 7 Quarter 4: gqe26a6

    Malechoski: Now using Google Classroom

    • 8th grade art classroom code:  pl7jadn
    • 7th grade art  clssroom  code: qcmzx
    • 6th grade art classroom code:  atuhwvi

    ONeil Band and Orchestra /ONeal Updated 4/1

    Schemmel e-learning activities

    Unrau eLearning Activities



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  • Reading: Most Programs can be access thorough Clever.com

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    • MapSKills
    • Common Lit
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