• This year the 8th grade band and orchestra classes have been consolidated into one group/ensemble. The merger constitutes a “full orchestra” - a musical ensemble comprised of strings, woodwind, brass and percussion instruments. This high school credit class is referred to as Basic Instrumental Music. The musical ensemble will rehearse ability-appropriate music that’s specifically arranged for full orchestra.

    Given the likelihood that an enthusiastic student consensus for the orchestra-band merger may not be immediate…don’t lose heart. Wonderful things can be achieved through teamwork and a positive attitude!

    Don’t underestimate the possibilities…take comfort in knowing that the 8th Grade String Orchestra and the 8th Grade Band will continue to be featured independently of each other within the context of the Basic Instrumental Music class. That means, in addition to rehearsing full orchestra music, students who play the violin, viola, cello or string bass will learn and perform string orchestra-specific music - just as woodwind, brass, and percussion players will learn and perform band-specific music. 


    Here’s to a great year!

    Mr. T. O’Neal

    Arts IMPACT Middle School

    Instrumental Music