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Columbus City Schools Earns Champion Recognition In AEP Energy Efficiency Awards


April 7, 2020  -- AEP Ohio recognizes multiple customers and partners who have advanced the efficiency of their operations, buildings or customers’ efficiency and shared in the benefits of better lighting, greater comfort, greater productivity, and energy cost savings. The dollars and time customers and our partners have invested in energy efficiency deliver benefits above and beyond their workplaces and homes. They created and maintained Ohio jobs, reduced the environmental impacts of fossil fuel generation, and delayed the need for costly new generation. 

Columbus City Schools embraced and participated in the energy efficiency program since its inception and has been awarded Champion level recognition in the 2020 AEP Ohio Energy Efficiency awards.

Jeffery Roe, CCS Energy Management Supervisor, believes in the EE program and he is doing his best to maximize participation and achieve ultimate savings. He was very instrumental in accelerating the lightening retrofit project during 2019 throughout the district. Also, he was an active supporter of the Community Energy Saving Program. Jeff is presenting at the 24th annual Ohio Energy Management Conference in Columbus. He will be discussing the Energy Savings Champions and lessons learned from large-scale school lighting upgrades throughout the district. He will be addressing the benefit of the EE program and the positive influence it has on the success of his mission.     

Criteria for voting/selecting award winners

Award winners are selected on a variety of criteria. AEP reviews nominations based on the number of projects submitted, kWh savings generated, general energy efficiency activity, innovative approaches to energy efficiency, and customer commitment to AEP Ohio’s energy efficiency efforts.