• Early College: Brave the Future Now

    • The Credits Count program with Columbus State Community College offers a unique opportunity for Whetstone students to complete college coursework.  The dual enrollment program, made possible by a gift from American Electric Power, allows students to graduate high school with up to 12 college credits in computer science.


    • Columbus State also offers College Credit Plus courses held at Whetstone in Psychology, Sociology, U.S. History, and American Sign Language


    • Advanced Placement(AP) courses are offered in English Literature and Composition, Language and Composition, Physics, Biology, Chemistry, Calculus AB (Calculus BC is offered based on student need), American Government, Environmental Science, and Human Geography


    • Students meeting the academic requirements are also eligible to apply to take College Credit Plus (CCP) courses at area colleges/universities on the college or university campus. CCP courses provide students dual credit in both high school and college credits. Students must complete an Intent to Participate form by April 1 the year prior to taking College Credit Plus courses. Each university has specific application and testing requirements.


    • The Columbus City Schools Seniors-to-Sophomores program is also available. Optional locations are The Ohio State University, Otterbein, Columbus State Community College, Capital, and Franklin. This program allows high school seniors to take college courses full time. It is a cost-free option that may qualify students to have sophomore status in college after they graduate from high school.


    • The Devry Advantage Academy allows students to earn an associate-level degree, while simultaneously earning their high school diploma


    In addition, Whetstone has the advantage and support of I Know I Can, a nonprofit dedicated to helping students read and succeed in college. Blue Print College workshops help students and families prepare for college admissions. I Know I Can provides a full time college advisor dedicated to Whetstone students.