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Columbus Board of Education Elects Jennifer Adair as President, Ramona Reyes as Vice President

Reyes Adair Swearing In

Jan. 7, 2020 – At Tuesday evening’s Columbus Board of Education organizational meeting, the Board elected Jennifer Adair and Ramona Reyes as its new President and Vice President, respectively.
Gathering for the first time as a board, including newly elected members Dr. Tina Pierce and Carol Beckerle, the votes for each office were unanimous.Beckerle and Pierce Swearing In

"We are in a new time with a new board, a new vision, new priorities, and we are going to go forward with our new Superintendent at the helm," remarked Adair after being sworn in as President. "We all support each other and we all value our children first, no matter if we disagree (and disagreement is good). Every single person at this dais has something that they bring, something they are passionate about, and something that is valuable to moving our district forward. Together as a team, we will do that."

Continued Adair: "I ask everyone in this community to also stand with us, because it takes everyone: from our friends at City Council to our partners in the business community, to our non-profits, to our teachers and wonderful staff. It's going to take everyone. 2020 is going to be an amazing year, and I look forward to serving as your leader and a leader of this Board along with the six other (Board members)."

The organizational meeting also saw the ceremonial swearing in of board members Adair, Beckerle, Eric Brown, and Pierce.
Dr. Pierce and Beckerle were elected to the Board for the first time last November after Gary Baker and W. Shawna Gibbs retired from service.
Returning board member Eric Brown was re-elected late last year, while Adair and returning board member James Ragland were also elected after being appointed to vacant board seats in 2019. Michael Cole returns in the midst of his second term, which began two years ago in January 2018.
A graduate of Centennial HS, Adair currently serves the State of Ohio as a Diversity & Inclusion professional, as the Equal Employment Opportunity Program Manager at the Ohio Department of Administrative Services.
Reyes is in her third term on the Board of Education after being re-elected ahead of January 2017. The first Hispanic elected member of the board, she is the director of Our Lady of Guadalupe Center at Catholic Social Services and previously worked at Nationwide Insurance.