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Girls Soccer: Whetstone Braves Tally Three But Come Home Sporting A Tie

Whetstone Braves Tally Three But Come Home Sporting A Tie


The wagons rolled north into the Morrow country farm lands.  Waiting for your beloved Blue Footies were the Fighting Scots.  Opening night, the 2019 soccer season was at hand.  No more scrimmages, the real deal upped the excitement and pressure.  A couple of Braves faced their first ever high school match.


Stating line found Salma Kebe tugging on her Mickey Mouse gloves and guarding the nets.  Center backs Amelia Morris and Ella Norris anchored the back line with Noemi Cuarente and Lily Hoyt on the wings.  The three attacking midfielders were Nezzie O’Malley, Ellis Scanlon-Kimura and Julián Calderone.  Up front looking to find goals were Lily Mathys, Olivia Mullins and Mira Dush. 


Hot and heavy was a good description of the opening fifteen minutes with neither squad gaining advantage.  Up and down the pitch the sphere zipped.  Players came and went Maria Brooke and Annabelle O’Neal joined the action, soon followed by Summer Dush. The intensity and heat demanded fresh legs. The Scots had 29 available versus the Braves’ hardy 19. 


The turf tilted as Annabelle O’Neal earned the Blue Footies a corner kick.  The attacking practice paid dividends, the Braves rocketed the ball towards goal.  A sinister Scots’ handball stopped the action as the arbiter rush in pointing to the spot.  Up stepped Lily Mathys to whistle in a screamer for the season’s first tally and lead.  WHS 1- HHS 0


Alas the celebration was short lived, with only a minute left on the first half clock the Scot’s earned a throw deep in Brave country.  Chucked in,  the ball found the feet of Lily McElroy who  sent in a long arching shot that sailed over Salma Kebe’s head.  Guarding the nest post, Salma was unable to tip over the shot and the match was level.  WHS 1- HHS 1 


The first stanza ended 1-1 and provided plenty of coaching fodder. Summing it up was get wider on offense and compact on defense.  Head away defensive clears. Look farther down field, anticipating not reacting.  Play big and exploit defensive gaps.


The clock had only run 2 minutes when the Blue Footies jumped in front with an Olivia Mullins through ball up the left flank to Mira Dush.  Mira cut in and slipped past a Scot wing back, Mira’s shot punishing the Scot’s defense for a 2-1 lead.  Bad news less then 1 minute later the Scot’s dumped the ball back in front of the Braves goal and Scot Izzy Arnett-Tomasek did some damage.  Knotted again 2-2.


Time was slipping through the hour glass, sweat was flowing freely as bodies flew up and back.  Hair raising drama to say the least!  The question asked was who could wrest control and snag a win.  Ella Norris gabbed for the gold ring.  Driving up the right side Ella reached a fine spot and knocked in the Braves third goal.  The assembled Blue Footies faithful were dancing in the aisles. The Braves wanted to get some ride time and bag win number one.   Braves 3-Scottie’s 2.


Unfortunately the Braves dreams collapsed like a cheap tent.  Scot Lily McElroy drifted into a seam in the Braves defense and launch a high ball that looked over the top. The Braves' hopes were dashed as a west wind tucked the ball under the crossbar.  Hard played but limited reward as while still undefeated, a tie was not satisfying.  All that was left was the bus ride home.


Record 0-0-1


To quote Mad Magazine’s Alfred E Neuman “ What me worry” another match is on the horizon.  Up next is a home contest against Westland High School, August 22.  You can count on improvement and don’t want to miss any action.  Kick off is scheduled 5:30pm.  Tickets will be at a premium so plan accordingly.


Harry Head