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Girls soccer: Braves Vanquish Cougars

Braves Vanquish Cougars


Westland High School Cougars looped in on rainy paws looking to put a damper on the Braves season.  In preparation the Braves spent time reviewing film and practicing breaking pressure, getting the ball into the final third with dispatch. Now was the time to see how well the lessons were learned.




The staring line up included Salma Kebe as keeper with Lily Hoyt, Ella Norris, Amelia Morris and Noemi Cuarente along the back line.  Ellis Scanlon-Kimura, Nessie O’Malley and Annabelle O’Neal secured the midfield spots.  Up front Mira Dush, Olivia  Mullins and Lily Mathys would look for defensive holes and the net.


The Blue Footies wasted no time finding gaps and getting shots on goal.  Solid defensive pressure shoved the sphere into the Cougars’ end and the Braves pressure kept it there.  The wall thrown up by Cougar Keeper Cynthia Stovers was punctured in the sixth minute by an Annabelle O’Neal’s through ball that sent Lily Mathys flying forward.  Lily punished the Cougars with the game winner. 

WHS 1 - Westland 0


The celebration was just dying down when up the middle came Amelia Morris from her center back position.  Amelia spotted Olivia Mullins with the need for speed.  Amelia slotted a well weighted ball in for Olivia who out paced the Cougar defense.   Olivia wasted neither her touch nor shot and sent tally two up on the score board.  One sad fact the score board was inoperable so all the good news could only be imagined. 

WHS 2 - Westland 0


The only low note was the Braves took 10 more first half on-goal shots, alas all were wasted with the imaginary clock winding zero.  Your Beloved Blue footies did give Cougar keeper Stovers excellent shot stopping practice.


Half time adjustments were look quicker and move the ball with dispatch. Eight, Nine and Ten needed to get more involved on defense. Two and three should look to turn the ball wide and if five or four had a good first touch release wide for a pass.  All should look to put through balls on the ground setting up Braves’ attackers.  The team was reminded that they had enough goals to win so play strong defense. 


Seven minutes rolled by before Lily Mathys boosted the Blue faithful with a cross from her flank position that gave Mira Dush another chance.  Mira whipped in tally three and the Braves where off and running. 

WHS 3 - Westland 0


In the 65th minute after spirited give and take the Braves decided it was time for some more take.  Olivia Mullins playing the Braves number nine, secured the sphere and spotted Mira Dush pushing her defender hard.  Olivia launched a through and Mira did the rest, ripping past a hard puffing Cougar creating a one versus one with the keeper.  Mira shot nestled in the net for score number four.


The evening’s cast included Summer Dush as a 11, Maria Brooke in at 7, Elise Peters up front in the 10 spot, Edee Malley and Roselena Napolitano in at 9, Elizabeth Martin occupied the 6, Fin O’shayghnessy as 7 and Marisa Salinas as 8. 

Seventy three minutes had ticked off and Julian Calderone was found flying up the right flank.  Julian drew the defense to the corner and crossed back into the middle where Olivia Mullins lurked.  Olivia snapped up the cross and two touched it into the net.  The final goal of the evening was in the score book.  The Puma Concolor’s were sent packing.

WHS 5 - Westland 0


Here are the evenings stats for all number lovers: the Braves scored 5, 20 players participated and took 21 shots, had 3 corner kicks, 3 offsides, 6 keeper saves, 3 fouls, one yellow card and the season’s first win.  Record 1-0-1


The action continues Monday, August 26, 5:30 pm with a home match versus Hamilton Township.  You will get your money’s worth in the first five minutes and then all the rest is free!


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