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Girls Soccer: Braves scale half of Mount Vernon

The mountain was coming to the Braves, it was time to dig through the soccer bags to see what would be useful.  Dragged out and tied up were Swiss seats, snap links added, climbing harnesses tugged on, bags of chalk hung, climbing ropes untangled, carabiners checked, spring loaded camming devices loaded plus some good old fashion pitons. The Braves were ready to attempt an assent.


A worthy group of climbers would be anchored by goal keeper Salma Kebe.  On belay as the back line were Amelia Morris, Annabelle O’Neal, Noemi Cuarente and Lily Hoyt. The middle of the climb found Summer Dush, Nezzie O’Malley, Ellis Scanlon-Kimura and Ella Norris.  Up front setting the route were captains Lily Mathis and Olivia Mullins.


 The assent proved arduous with no cooling temperatures realized as time went.  Up and down the pitch players flew dripping sweat.  An agreed upon water break came and left before the Braves inflicted damage.  An attack up the left side developed off of Annabelle O’Neal’s throw-in.  Annabelle chucked the ball deep to Ellis Scanlon-Kimura.  Ellis cut in attacking the near post.  Sprinting past the back line Ellis lofted a back post shot leaving Mount Vernon’s keeper Ellie DePolo with nothing to do but watch.  

WHS 1 - MVHS 0


The first stanza generated coaching conversation on generating pressure in the midfield.  Mount Vernon was getting more opportunities from the top of the 18 and only last second saves had preserved Salma Kebe’s clean sheet. Attacking players required tighter marking and the midfield was asked to provide same.


Four minutes in a Braves’ left side attack again proved fruitful. Annabelle O’Neal sent a through ball into a gap, gathered by Lily Mathys who rushed to the top of the 18 and smacked a shot past Mount Vernon’s keeper Ellie DePolo.  Lily’s goal gave the Braves a two goal advantage.

WHS 2 - MVHS 0


All appeared swell until the 56 minute.  Heavy pressure resulted in a long shot towards the back post.  The Braves’ Annabelle O’Neal rushed in to clear but luck turned against your Blue footies.  Annabelle’s first touch was not what she planned and instead of a clear, her touch skipped off and resulted in an own goal.  Soccer can be a cruel game and the Braves were feeling the pain.

WHS 2 - MVHS 1


The Yellow Jackets could sense a chance to grab a point and pushed all forward with high pressure.  The Braves bent but held strong until the 75 minute.  A shot was cleared but not past the Jackets attacking midfield.  Tired Blue Footie legs gave a brief respite and Jacket Ella Conway used that chance to rip home the tying goal.  Up in smoke went the Braves victory.

WHS 2 - MVHS 2


The final five minutes were frantic, nothing held back with out result.  The game ended as it began, even.  The effort presented by Edee Malley, Maria Brooke and Elise Peters combined with the starters was as strong as witnessed all season.  The game was tough, hot and physical where neither side offered quarter.  A fitting end as the Physios dumped ice on both teams easing their muscle strain. 


Stat lovers: 5 shots on goal, no corner kicks earned, three fouls given, 15 keeper saves with two goals scored and one yielded.   Record is 3-2-2.


Up next the Braves travel east facing Mifflin High School; Sept 12, kick off is 5:30 pm.  It is eight miles door to door come see the Braves sock the Mifflin Punchers.


Harry Head

Your Sports Reporter