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Girls soccer: Braves Sock Mifflin’s Lady Punchers

Braves Sock Mifflin’s Lady Punchers

Road trip number two was short lived only eight miles and quickly achieved courtesy of Whetstone’s version of the Fisher-Price yellow school bus. All the players were glued in their seats so none fell out.  Instead of a toy box the Blue Footies took the pitch without cornermen and ropes.  The ring was set for “a hot time in the old town tonight”, the Braves were challenging the Lady Punchers. 

 The Braves answered the opening bell with goal keeper Salma Kebe, sharp and well practices after Tuesday’s 15 shot barrage.  The trusty back line again found Amelia Morris, Annabelle O’Neal, Noemi Cuarenta and Lily Hoyt toeing the line.  Midfield Summer Dush, Nezzie O’Malley, Ellis Scanlon-Kimura and Ella Norris lined up for a brawl.  Captains Lily Mathys and Olivia Mullins sought the net.

 The heat was ignored and the Braves socked hard and often, punishing the Lady Punchers.  It was soon discovered that the Braves were the heavy weights and the Lady Punchers were in the mini fly division.  Solid crosses and frequent attacks sent the ball sailing towards Mifflin’s goal.  The results were astounding. 

 Eleven minutes rolled by before Ella Norris spotted Lily Mathys open and seeking a chance.  Lyly made the most of her opportunity and gave the Braves the lead.  Adding to the luster of the evening, soon one of Lily Mathys’ cross was sent towards Mifflin keeper Justine Niyorukundo.  Before Justine could snag the ball another Puncher conveniently knocked in the Braves’ game winner.

WHS 2 - MHS 0

 Nezzie O’Malley jumped on the band wagon putting the Braves up 3-0 with her season’s first tally.  Lily Mathys set her up with a through ball and Nezzie did the rest.  Annabelle O’Neal kept the points rolling by serving up a Mifflin defender who obliged by putting the Blue Footies up 4-0.   Right after Annabelle O’Neal slapped home a classic penalty shot that even professional keepers would have been unable to answer. 

WHS 5 - MHS 0

 Between round 1 and 2, the Braves were reminded to hold tight on defense.  You would think all the conversation would concern offense but instead defense was the evenings by-word.  The Braves were instructed to challenge every ball while controlling the middle.  Race to attackers and win the second ball.  Remember the easiest way of linking the back line with the strikers is by passing as many defenders possible with longer outlet passes.  Step to any unchallenged shooter, no resting on defense.

The entire evening was not completely one sided, in the 51st minute Mifflin’s Shianne Johnson broke through and went one on one with the Braves’ keeper Salma Kebe.  Salma gave her best shot but Shianne was a bit better, grabbing back one goal and knocking the shut out off the books.

Penalty kicks were the rage, Annabelle had already had one and now Lily Hoyt had two tries.  Lily Hoyt also added another goal completing an evening’s four goal contribution.  A one-sided affair for sure.

WHS 6 - MHS 1

 Elise Peters playing an attacking midfield added her effort to the scoring total.  Elise blasted in a cross that headed across the goal mouth where it was knocked in by another Mifflin defender.  The penalty kick bonanza ended with Lily Hoyt up from her back line position to tip in the Braves last score.  Upping the Braves scoring total to eight.

WHS 8 - MHS 1

 Stat lovers: 31 shots on goal, ten corner kicks earned, four fouls given, 1 keeper save with eight goals scored and one yielded.   Record is 4-2-2.

 Up next the Braves host the Teays Valley Vikings; Sept 16, kick off is 5:30 pm.  Come watch your Braves drill a hole in the Vikings long boat.


Harry Head

Your Sports Reporter