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Girls soccer: Vikings Patch Up The Longboat And Escape with a tie

Vikings Patch Up The Longboat And Escape With A tie

 The Teays Valley Vikings crept up the Olentangy River expecting to catch the Braves napping.  Little did the North people know the Braves had scouted them out and has some tricks up their own sleeves.  The Vikings love to play a wide long ball and would have some success but not enough to depart with a victory. 

 Your Beloved Blue Footies would open the first stanza with Salma Kebe in goal.  The back line has settled upon Amelia Morris, Annabelle O’Neal, Noemi Cuarente and Lily Hoyt as the Braves shield wall. Midfield Summer Dush, Nezzie O’Malley, Ellis Scanlon-Kimura and Ella Norris were tasked with winning the midfield and sending the Vikings packing.  Captains Lily Mathis and Olivia Mullins playing high low worked hard splitting the Vikings defense.

 The opening six minutes demonstrated that you must be ready for flip flops.  The early pressure was breaking against the Vikings as the Braves pushed possession forward.  The Vikings were under duress but able to counter attack up the Braves left side.  All was going swimmingly until the Vikings gained the end-line.  The cross coming in didn’t cause sufficient excitement and this recognition lack allowed Teays Valley’s Skylar Davis to send in a 20 yard missile that broke open the scoring.

WHS 0 - TV 1

 The Braves continued canoeing in Viking waters, making the Vikings duck and dodge shots, runs and offensive pressure.  Up the Braves left side came Nezzie O’Malley who muscled her Viking defender to the deck and crossed the sphere.  Waiting at the far post was Lily Mathys.  Lily was tightly marked but two stepped her defender going low and hard.  Hard offered no chance to Viking keeper Aly Williard.

WHS 1 - TV 1

 Alas the Braves’ birch bark canoe hit a sand bar and sprung a leak.  While under repair the Vikings punished your Blue Footies.  Both tallies resulted from long high bouncing balls that caught the Braves back line spread out and recovering in a straight line.  The gaps were exploited twice by Viking Aimee Watson.  One result was obvious, Aimee was good at aiming and tallied twice.  The last one was with 30 seconds showing on the first half clock. 

WHS 1 - TV 3

While canoe repairs were underway Captain Olivia Mullins ask the Braves did they want a win.  Where they willing to lay it all on the line. The coaches spoke but Olivia’s words asked the question.  The starters zipped out and took up the challenge.

Salma Kebe grabbed the penalty area and controlled the space with sprints, dives and sticky hands.  Every Viking offering was sent packing. The back line adjusted angles and cut off the Vikings early success.  The midfield paddled hard and now Viking Aly Williard was made to earn her keep.   A high and low striker position took away Viking clears and presented Brave attacking opportunities.  Maria Brooke, Elizabeth Martin, Elise Peters kept the pressure up giving the Vikings no respite.  Special mention goes to Julian Calderon who took over the out side after Ellis Scanlon-Kimura limped out.  Nezzie O’Malley replaced Ellis and Julian filled the 11 role.

 The evening was fading but not gone.  The ball was in the Viking back third as Ella Norris found it bouncing her way.  Ella wasted no time and launched a shot.  The ball flew and found the Viking’s net. 

WHS 2 - TV 3


The Vikings’ confidence was waining.  Seven minutes was all that remained before Nezzie O’Malley now playing the 8 position bogarted her way past a Viking trio.  Nezzie went hard and hard was the answer.  The ball sailed into the net knotting the match.

WHS 3 - TV 3

The pitch was slanting against the Vikings.  A hard run by Olivia Mullins earned a corner kick with 16 seconds left.  Annabelle O’Neal rushed up and tried more magic.  Folks there was no Rabbit in the hat.  The Vikings sighed with relief and the Braves moaned disappointedly.

Stat lovers: 8 shots on goal, three corner kicks earned, four cynical fouls given, five keeper saves with three goals scored and three yielded.   Seasons total goals scored 26 and climbing.  Record is 4-2-3.

 Up next the Braves host the Briggs Bruins; Sept 19, kick off is 5:30 pm.  Come watch your Braves work on closing in on a city championship .


Harry Head

Your Sports Reporter