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Girls soccer: Braves Empty The Bruins Honey Jar

Braves Empty The Bruins Honey Jar

The Briggs Bruins made an appearance, anticipated but not assured until the bus parking break was pulled. The game had been moved back 105 minutes allowing the over flow crowd extra time gaining entrance.  The lights were ready, the stands were full, the flag waived, the score board lit and the arbiters had whistles in hand.  All in all it was a beautiful night for a soccer match. The Braves wanted to take one more step towards the City Championship. 

 The starting line up has worked its way into a fairly consistent crew.  Salma Kebe in goal.  The back line had Amelia Morris, Annabelle O’Neal, Noemi Cuarente and Lily Hoyt.  Familiar faces occupied the 4 midfield spots;  Ellis Scanlon-Kimura as the 8, Summer Dush out wide as 11 and Nezzie O’Malley in at 7 with Ella Norris the 6. Captains Lily Mathis and Olivia Mullins would attack up front.

 The Bruins’ players were game but over match against your beloved Blue Footies.  The Braves have amassed 26 goals in 9 matches versus the Bruins zero.  The gap was soon expanding as the Braves smoked the Bruins nets.

Ella Norris worked some magic and played a ball into Olivia Mullins’ path.  Olivia wasted no time putting the game winner past Bruin keeper Makeya Paterson.


 The scoring avalanche was moving rapidly and the Bruins were swept along.  A scant 2 minutes later Ella Norris benefited from Lily Mathys shot that bounced back to Ella.  Ella knocked in the rebound and the Braves were up by two.  Three minutes later Ellis Scanlon-Kimura worked her way through the Bruins defense for a shot, turned back Ellis tried again and was reward with her evenings first score.


Olivia Mullins twenty seconds later charge thru and rapped in her second goal.  The four to zero lead caused substitutes to rush in and enjoy their contribution.  Julian Calderon ripped up the right side and crosses the ball.  Rushing and grabbing the cut back was Lily Mathys who gave Keeper Paterson no chance and upped the evenings work to 5-0.


 Lily Hoyt from her wind back spot open the Bruins defense and located Ellis Scanlon-Kimura lurking near the 18.  Lily split the defense and offered Ellis the opportunity for her second score.  The opportunity was not wasted and the half ended with the Braves holding a six goal advantage.


 Conversation between the half was simple.  Be first to every ball, bypass defenders with your outlets and don’t let up the pressure.  The only change in the starting line up, Julian Calderon replace Nezzie O’Malley who was repairing a large blister.

Olivia Mullins grabbed her third goal off a cross from Lily Mathys.  Olivia charged the back post for a simple tapped-in.  The next goal was a flip flop, Olivia crosses the ball and Lily finished the chance. 


Crossing the goal mouth with the ball was now a regular occurrence.  Plenty of practice was the foundation for this success.  Ella Norris came up and sent the ball across, Elise Peters rapped in number 9. 


 The line up was jumbled up giving the coaches opportunity to experiment game combinations.  One adjustment was to move center back Noemi Cuarenta to the 8 position.  Noemi benefited from that by coming out of a goal line scrum with the ball and a shot.  The missile found net and Noemi upped the score to ten. 

WHS 10 BHS 0

 The curtain came down with Roselena Napolitano pulling the ball back from a gaggle of defenders and punishing the entire bunch with Roselena’s first high school score. 

WHS 11 BHS 0

 The entire team contributed to each goal and total match control.  Strong defense and solid attacking runs gave the Bruins all they could handle.  

Stat lovers: 29 shots on goal, 14 corner kicks earned, three cynical fouls given, one keeper saves with eleven goals scored and zero yielded.   Seasons total goals scored 37 and climbing.  Record is 5-2-3.

Up next the Braves host arch rival Centennial Stars; Sept 24, kick off is 5:30 pm.  Come watch your Braves snap up a spot in the City Championship match.


Harry Head

Your Sports Reporter