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Girls soccer: Braves Send Stars into A Black Hole

Braves Send Stars into A Black Hole

The Celestial Bodies flew down the hill coming to rest in the Braves Soccer Stadium.  Centennial High School Stars would challenge the Blue Footies for control of the city league and all bragging rights. The Star’s Keeper Sarah Clifton had saved 17 Grandview Heights shots the evening before.  The Blue Footies wanted to keep her working hard and not as successful.

Your stalwarts pulling on their jerseys, boots and cinching top their shorts were ready for some toe to toe action.  The Stars like physical play and would test the Blue Footies skill.  Salma Kebe was in goal. The back line had Amelia Morris, Annabelle O’Neal, Noemi Cuarente and Lily Hoyt.  The same old mugs occupied the 4 midfield spots; Ellis Scanlon-Kimura, Summer Dush, Nezzie O’Malley and Ella Norris. Who would be up front, do you have to ask?  Captains Lily Mathis and Olivia Mullins would try and test Keeper Clifton’s shot stopping ability.

The action was heavy handed right from the opening whistle toot.  The Stars seemed to be using 3 strikers and hot footing wingers.  Planning on streaking past the Footies and over whelming the Braves defense.  One problem arose early, someone forgot to inform the Braves and all early Star runs were rebuffed. 

The Braves midfield worked the line and gave the Stars quick hard pressure.  The pressure would lead to multiple Brave throw-ins all evening long. It seemed like Annabelle O’Neal would wear out her arms tossing the sphere here and there.  The match was under eight minutes old when the Braves earned 5 throw-in chances in a row.  The last action provided a corner kick.  The Braves had a trick play up their sleeve.  Annabelle fakes long but goes short to Ella Norris.  Ella gathered the short ball and sent it to goal.  Only an inch thickness of the top rail denied Ella a score. 

One minute later pressure again gave the Braves a corner.  The Stars covered Ella Norris so Annabelle O’Neal launched an in-swinger that flew right past everyone but Summer Dush, who zipped in from the back post area.  Summer punished Star’s keeper Sarah Clifton with a laser that Sara was unable to answer.  Game winner was up on the Jumbotron.


The action stayed quick as neither side wanted to back off.  One cynical crushing foul on Olivia Mullins provide the Braves another trick play opportunity.  Again the cast was Ella Norris and Annabelle O’Neal.  Annabelle was to lay off a side ball for Ella to shot.  The play worked great the shot not so much, it was tipped away by Star’s Sarah Clifton.

The Braves kept the intensity high by using subs to sustain effort.  Julian Calderon playing her last game of the season rotated in the 7 and 11 spots.  Nezzie O’Malley swung in and gave Ellis Scanlon-Kimura a rest as the 10.  Maria Brooke took a spell as the 11.  

Conversation between the half was on point.  Pressure all balls coming into the midfield area.  Keep up the intensity and want the win more than the Stars.  The starters took up their positions and the final 40 was under way.

Chances came and went for the Braves.  Good ball movement and aggressive play presented opportunities but the finishing lacked success. Time rolled along with the intensity building as each minute slipped away. The fans were bouncing in the seats trying to thrust their team’s effort higher.  It was business as usual for the Braves, they have been here done that and were not ready to fold. 

Elizabeth Martin spent time as the 7.  Edee Malley came back as the 11.  Elise Peters allowed Lily Mathys some rest.  The energy spurts answered each challenge and thrust the attack right back on the Stars goal.  Even a crunched Lily Mathys in the final 6 minutes caused no concern.  Summer Dush was swapped in and added some extra zip that allows Olivia Mullins and Summer to run out the clock.

Stat lovers: 13 shots on goal, 4 corner kicks earned, two fouls given, five keeper saves with one goal scored and zero yielded.   Seasons total goals scored 38 and climbing.  Record is 6-2-3.

Up next the Braves load up and journey east to Westerville South; Sept 26, kick off is 5:30 pm.  The Braves will work on extending their 2 game winning streak.

Harry Head

Your Sports Reporter