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Girls soccer: Lancers Pop Braves Balloon

Lancers Pop Braves Balloon

The Lakewood Lancers made the most of the Braves sojourned to the east.  Your beloved Blue Footies had high expectations and believed victory would be achieved.  Alas the story spun tonight was not of exultation but disappointment.

The starting lineup baring injuries is settled. Salma Kebe in goal.  A back line of Amelia Morris, Annabelle O’Neal, Noemi Cuarente and Lily Hoyt.  The 4 midfield spots were occupied by Ellis Scanlon-Kimura, Summer Dush, Nezzie O’Malley and Ella Norris. Captains Lily Mathis and Olivia Mullins were the strikers.

The biggest challenged faced all night was the new Lancers’ turf field speed.  Lakewood played the balls pace in excellent fashion.  The Braves earned a large share of possession but through balls always seemed to out leg the Braves attack.  The overcooked balls ended up in Lakewood Keeper Mackenzie Broksky’s hands on almost every occasion.  The Braves would break through but never really threatened.  The high point for the Braves was earning 3 corner kicks.  Annabelle O’Neal’s delivered superior balls which certainly scared the Lancer’s faithful but caused no score.  Fin O’Shaughnessy, Roselena Napolitano, Elizabeth Martin added sweat to the effort generating heavy pressure.  Alas the result was the same, zip for the Braves.

The Braves game took a turn for the worse with a wide play to Lancer Brea Ballard.  Brea was able to turn the Braves’ back lines edge winning a full out sprint.  Brea sent a ball to the back post past Salma Kebe.  The first Lancer shot was also the first Lancer goal. 

Whetstone 0 Lakewood 1

The first period questions asked were what was needed.  The solution seemed simple, adjust the game to match the field speed.  Keep up the pressure but most of all challenge the Lances, win the first touch, pressure their touches and exploit every chance.

The scheme was working, the Braves pushed hard on the Lancers’s net.  Three quality direct kicks sailed in but were caught.  Two corner kicks threatened but no result.  The barrage caused a Lancer marking back foul.  Good for the Braves and bad for the Lancers, the foul occurred in the penalty box.  The spot was pointed out and up came Annabelle O’Neal,  Annabelle went top left corner and tied the match.

Whetstone 1 Lakewood 1

The Braves put all their chips on the table, pushing all but a couple of backs forward and firing away.  Each opportunity seized caused Lancer stress.  Alas a sudden flip flop broke the tie.  With less than a minute on the clock, Brea Ballard again won a sprint to the center and took her shot.  Salma Kebe touched the ball away but a wicked spin put the ball in the net.  The Lancers’ hosannas drowned out the Braves’ groans.

Whetstone 2 Lakewood 2

Stat lovers: 8 shots on goal, 6 corner kicks earned, no fouls given, two keeper saves with one goal scored and two yielded.   Seasons total goals scored 39 and climbing.  Record is 6-4-3.

Up next the Braves will travel West when the heat goes down. Keep a sharp a sharp eye for all changes and updates.

Harry Head

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