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Girls soccer: Braves Ride Past the Cowboys

Braves Ride Past the Cowboys

The Braves loaded up and headed west.  The West game had been delayed due to a 92 degree day and was now back on the schedule.  The Braves faced the West High School Cowboys, it sounded like an old fashion Saturday matinee western movie.  

The story unfolded with a familiar cast of characters.  Salma Kebe would roam the penalty area, keeping a sharp eye out for stray cowboys.  Not relegated to bit parts were the usual band of defenders Amelia Morris, Annabelle O’Neal, Noemi Cuarente and Lily Hoyt.  Ranging farther from the goal were midfielders Ellis Scanlon-Kimura, Ella Norris, Captain Olivia Mullins and Nezzie O’Malley.  Captain Lily Mathis and Elise Peters raced out front looking to poach goals.

The script seemed written for a big Braves’ victory but the Cowboys did not cooperate.  True it only took 8 eight minutes for the Blue Footies to win the game.  Ella Norris playing the 6 position found Elise Peters in a solid shooting position.  Elise offered no opportunity for Cowboy Keeper Makayla Bell to lasso her shot and Elise had knocked in the game winner.  

Whetstone 1 - West 0

The next 32 minutes were chaotic with players rushing in and out trying to establish a style that would befuddle the Cowboys.  Opportunities were offered to every player but no clear Braves dominance was established.  The Braves gave up no shots on goal and earned 3 corner kicks plus a pair of free kicks. Nine shots on goal helped pad West keeper Malaya Bell’s saves stats but did not aid the Braves total score.

The half time instructions were limited to captain's remarks and team conversation about playing stronger, moving quicker and scoring.

Adjustment were made in the lineup, Olivia Mullins moved to 9, Summer Dush went in as the 11, Ellis Scanlon-Kimura to took the 3 spot and Annabelle O’Neal slid up to number 8.  The changes quickly paid dividends, in the 6th minute Ella Norris passed up to Lily Mathys who sent the ball on to Olivia Mullins.  Olivia knocked in goal number two.

Whetstone 2 - West 0

Five minutes later similar fast paced action found Summer Dush in possession on the left side.  Summer drove deep in the corner, turn her defender around and sent the ball across the goal mouth.  Olivia Mullins awaited the ball and racked up her second score. 

The action flipped sides but the results were the same.  This time Nezzie O’Malley worked the end line and fed Olivia Mullins for Olivia’s hat trick. 

Whetstone 4 - West 0

A couple of tumbles moved Lily Mathys to the bench and a ball in the mug sent Lily Hoyt to a spot next to Lily Mathys but gave Fin O’Shaughnessy addition playing time as the 2.  While players shuffled about Olivia Mullins won the ball, spotted Elise Peters off the far post and sent her the ball. Elise Peter rapped in her second goal. 

Whetstone 5 - West 0

Elise Peters capped off the evening’s scoring while earning a cowboy hat.  Quick action again presented Elise another scoring opportunity and Elise made the most snapping up a new Stetson Cowboy hat.

Whetstone 6 - West 0

 Stat lovers: 18 shots on goal, 3 corner kicks earned, 4 fouls given, no keeper saves with six goals scored and none yielded.   Seasons total goals scored 48 and climbing.  Record is 8-4-3. 

Up next the Braves will contest the Centennial Stars for the Columbus City Championship Title.  The game will be held in Mapfre Stadium, Tuesday Oct 15, game time to be announced.  Additionally the Braves have selected Worthington Kilbourne 7pm, Oct 16 for the first round district tournament game.

Harry Head

Your Sports Reporter