• ACT/SAT Exam

    Most universities utilize tests as a measure to review admittance into their school.  The standard tests are the ACT exam or the SAT exam.  Most local students take the ACT exam more often than the SAT.  Students are open to take either test for most universities though, they typically have no preference.  Many students also qualify for a free test based on financial eligibility.  Please review the document on this page and return it to your School Counselor or I Know I Can Advisor to receive your fee waiver.

    Students often begin taking the ACT or SAT the 2nd half of their Junior year into their Senior year.  Students may take it prior with adequate preparation.  The State of Ohio pays for one ACT test for all students during February of their Junior year that occurs at school.

    Below are websites to support you in preparing and registering for the ACT or SAT. 

  • ACT Prep Websites

    Here are some great testing prep materials:

  • Upcoming National ACT Test Dates:

    Test Date                      Registration Deadline

    April 13, 2019                March 8, 2019

    June 8, 2019                  May 3, 2019

    July 13, 2019                 June 14, 2019

    Upcoming National SAT Test Dates:

    Test Date                              Registration Deadline

    May 4, 2019                          April, 24, 2019

    June 1, 2019                         May 22, 2019


    Contact your School Counselor or I Know I Can Advisor with any questions.