Vocal Music

  • Courses Offered:

    Mixed Chorus I:  Students will focus on developing basic skills of musicianship for choral performance, e.g. diction, tone, singing in tune. Students will participate in performances that are scheduled outside the regular school day. This course is repeatable. Prerequisite: None. 

    Vocal Ensemble: Students will perform a wide variety of music styles ranging from popular to classical music. This group is composed of outstanding vocal students with advanced choral experience. This ensemble will perform frequently throughout the community and at OMEA contest outside of the school day. This course is repeatable. Prerequisite: Audition and Mixed Chorus I  (Note: this course is listed as "Mixed Ensemble" on Infinite Campus)

    Music Survey: Elements & Skills: Students will learn the elements of music as they develop technical skills for keyboard instruments. Students will examine the structure of music through the study of scales, key signatures, meter, rhythm, melodic intervals, and triads.  Fall Semester only. Prerequisite: None

    Music Survey: History & Culture: Students will study music throughout history and in different cultures, including Jazz, social justice music, Classical music time periods, and 20th and 21st Century music. Spring Semester only. Prerequisite: None