• Theatre is booming at Whetstone Academy of Performing Arts! Our 2021/2022 season is shaping up to be a memorable one with many events including:

    Fall Play 

    Fall Theatre Showcase

    Winter Studio 133 Blackbox Production

    Spring Theatre Showcase

    Spring Musical

    Improv Shows

    Open Mic Nights

    Talent Shows

Courses Offered

  • Theater Survey X and Y: Students will focus primarily on the study of the theatre history through playing reading, varieties of drama, dramatic criticism, and an overview of the theatre arts. This foundation course is recommended for students who desire a basic theatre course with a few performance opportunities. This is a semester course.

    Acting One- Intro to Acting: Students will focus on the foundations of acting as performing art. The course covers relaxation, concentration, memorization, voice and movement development, script and character analysis, dramatic literature, script and critique writing, monologues, resume and digital portfolio development. Students will be evaluated on theatrical knowledge and performance work. Prerequisite: Theatre Survey

    Acting Two- Advanced Acting: Students will expand their study of voice, movement, characterization, script analysis, monologue and scene study, act as social action, ensemble building, and investigation into theatre arts as career and college study. Designed for the student who is seriously interested in acting and performance. Prerequisite: Theatre Survey and Acting I 

    Theatre Seminar: Theatre Seminar Students will focus on community outreach productions and performances and auditioning skills for college/career preparation in this upper level production based course Students with a serious commitment to theatre performances are encouraged to enroll/audition. Prerequisite: Acting II and permission of the teacher